Job Trait OverviewEdit

  • Game Description: Increases resistance against blind.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Each upgrade of this trait further increases character's resistance.
    • This trait greatly shortens the duration of blind type status effects by increasing the chance of half duration resists.

Equipment that Enhances this TraitEdit

  • Ashigaru Mantle (as a latent effect)
  • Master Caster's Bow
  • Reserve Captain's Greatsword
  • Senior Gold Musketeer's Axe
  • Wyrm Mail / Wyrm Mail +1

Food that Enhances this TraitEdit

  • Garlic Cracker / Garlic Cracker +1
  • Goblin Mushpot

Resist Blind IEdit

Resist Blind IIEdit

Resist Blind IIIEdit

Resist Blind IVEdit

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