Job OverviewEdit


Specializing in covert actions, Thieves (THF) aim for the perfect opportunity to attack the enemy. Using Sneak Attack and Trick Attack, thieves can inflict massive amounts of damage while 'tricking' the enemy into thinking it was someone else. These abilities help to control the party's enmity levels, and trick enemies into thinking that the party's tank is the primary threat. Players starting the game as a Thief receive an Onion Knife.

Thieves also have many tools at their disposal to get out of sticky situations in the game. Not only do they possess the highest Evasion rating in the game, but they also have abilities such as Flee and Hide, which allow them to escape most dangers unharmed. Additional abilities such as Steal, Mug, Gilfinder, and Treasure Hunter, as well as their unique ability to pick Treasure Chests and Treasure Coffers with their thief's tools, makes the Thief the optimal choice for acquiring gil and items.

Job AbilitiesEdit

Level  Name
01  Perfect Dodge
05  Steal
15  Sneak Attack
25  Flee
30  Trick Attack
35  Mug
45  Hide

Group 1 MeritsEdit

Level  Name
Merit  Flee Recast
Merit  Hide Recast
Merit  Sneak Attack Recast
Merit  Trick Attack Recast
Merit  Triple Attack Rate

Job TraitsEdit

Level  Name
05  Gilfinder
10  Evasion Bonus
15  Treasure Hunter
20  Resist Gravity
30  Evasion Bonus II
40  Resist Gravity II
45  Treasure Hunter II
50  Evasion Bonus III
55  Triple Attack
60  Assassin
60  Resist Gravity III
70  Evasion Bonus IV

Combat Skill RatingsEdit

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Dagger A- 6 114 269
 Sword D 4 101 210
 Club E 4 94 200
 Hand-to-Hand E 4 94 200
 Marksmanship C+ 5 105 230
 Archery C- 5 105 220
 Throwing D 4 101 210
 Evasion A+ 6 114 276
 Parrying A- 6 114 269
 Shield F 4 86 189

See Thief Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of Weapon Skill limits.

Artifact Equipment Edit

Artifact Set
Lvl Artifact
40  Marauder's Knife
52  Rogue's Armlets
54  Rogue's Bonnet
56  Rogue's Culotte
58  Rogue's Vest
60  Rogue's Poulaines
Artifact Set +1
Lvl Artifact
74  Rogue's Armlets +1
74  Rogue's Bonnet +1
74  Rogue's Culotte +1
74  Rogue's Vest +1
74  Rogue's Poulaines +1
Relic Set
Lvl Relic
70  Assassin's Cape
71  Assassin's Bonnet
72  Assassin's Vest
73  Assassin's Poulaines
74  Assassin's Culotte
75  Assassin's Armlets
75  Mandau
Relic Set +1
Lvl Relic
75  Assassin's Bonnet +1
75  Assassin's Vest +1
75  Assassin's Poulaines +1
75  Assassin's Culotte +1
75  Assassin's Armlets +1

Thief GuidesEdit

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